Regulation 1169

Regulation (EU) Nº 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and Council of 25 October 2011 states that food product suppliers and distributors within European borders must include additional detailed information on product features.

Article 9 lists the mandatory particulars that producers and distributors must provide for the end consumer, making it clear that access to this information must be available to the consumer prior to purchase of the product, even in online sales (Article 14).

The implications for online stores that sell these products are evident, as they must be ready to provide this information on their websites by the deadline date of 14 December 2014.


Reglamento 1169

How does Regulation 1169 affect me?


I’m a Supplier



With deadline December 14, 2014, the labelling of your products must display nutritional information according to the Regulation 1169 specifications. If your distributors are retailing the goods through online stores, they must also provide these details in a structured format for delivery online whenever the customer requires it. To this end, you can use tools such as EDICOMData, the data synchronization platform that lets you post nutritional information on your products at a single point, making it visible to any distributor connected for direct use in e-commerce platforms.

How works EDICOMData


If retailing food products through online stores, you will need to get your web platform ready to provide the nutritional information by 14 December 2014. You may collect all the nutritional information required by Regulation 1169 yourself and take responsibility for keeping it updated in time, or else use a solution such as EDICOMData, which lets you integrate your master product file with those of your suppliers. This service automates the collection and synchronization of this information, updating it directly whenever a supplier modifies details of their products. EDICOMData supplies you the nutrition information in the format you require for integration into your website, or else delivers it directly to your customers every time they request it from the online store.

How works EDICOMData

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