4 steps

to comply with Regulation 1169

Suppliers (vendors) will update and publish the data while the distributors act as subscribers accessing this information.

EDICOMData makes every update carried out by the supplier visible and accessible to the distributors who, through suitable integration systems, will keep their product databases synchronized with those of their suppliers.

Benefits for the supplier

  • Total compliance with Regulation 1169
  • Lets you distribute the nutritional information to all retailers from a single point.
  • Data are updated as soon as they are in the platform and may be received by any distributor/retailer registered in the same.
  • Lets you distribute and maintain updated product marketing images and planograms across the entire customer community, publishing them only once on the platform.
  • Implementing specific data quality control services combining automatic operations and ad hoc reviews performed by specialist technicians, so that no product will be published unless it has first satisfactorily passed these controls.
  • Uploading information may be carried out by an EDICOM technician, relieving the supplier of the tasks involved in recording information required by the regulation and requested by the distributors.
  • You will benefit from EDICOM’s knowledge management, with a permanent observatory monitoring the sector, reporting to the publisher on the particular requirements of each retailer and ensuring effective management of the minimum information to be published in order to guarantee complete product files in line with each distributor’s needs.


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