4 steps

to comply with Regulation 1169

The suppliers will update and publish the data, while the distributors shall act as subscribers accessing that information.
EDICOMData will make every update by the supplier visible and accessible to the distributors who, through the appropriate integration systems, will keep their product databases synchronized with those of their suppliers.

The supplier delivers the minimum data required by the distributor.

EDICOMData processes the data automatically, adapting them to the distributor’s needs

The data can be delivered in a structured format for integration in the distributor’s information system, or in the content manager of the e-commerce store.

In parallel, they may be served directly in web format with the distributor’s corporate image each time a consumer requests them from the online store.

Benefits for the distributor

  • Full compliance with Regulation 1169
  • Implementing a data quality control system that assurers the presence and format of the basic information required in line with the specifications defined by the distributor in each data synchronization project.
  • Alerts in the subscriber environments that enable you to monitor the time elapsed from the latest product data update by the supplier.
  • Lets you deliver the information in any format for direct integration into the management system, or publication directly in web format, distributing a URL with the distributor’s corporate layout.
  • Guarantees the publication of information tailored to the needs of each distributor.
  • Through the supplier Onboarding service, implementing trading partner incorporation projects lets you optimize your data synchronization platform very quickly.
  • Guaranteed automatic updating of attributes, articles and new references.
  • Having updated product data means that point-of-sale promotions will be more effective.


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