About EdicomData

Nutritional information synchronization platform.

Why choose EDICOMData?

EDICOMData synchronizes the databases of suppliers and distributors, allowing the use of nutritional information in accordance with Regulation 1169.

EDICOMData is developed by EDICOM, one of the largest providers of solutions for data integration between companies, with a 20-year track record in the industry.

Our position as a global company enables us to provide customer service anywhere in the world instantly and at the speed our customers need.

A cloud-based platform, with guaranteed minimum service availability 99.9 % of the time, thanks to a robust technology and service platform that can handle any real-time contingency without affecting solution performance.

How does EDICOMData work?


EDICOMData lets you record and access nutritional information manually through web forms, while automatically integrating these data for permanent synchronization of suppliers’ and distributors’ Information Systems.

The way to work with EDICOMData is different depending on whether you have to publish the information as a supplier, or need to make it available to your customers as a retailer through your online store.

EDICOMData Services

EDICOMData implements multiple value-added services that ensure high quality standards for the information published, even going beyond strict compliance with Regulation 1169.

edicomdata services


Would you like to know more about EDICOMData?

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