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Label your products in only 4 steps

You can label all your food products in only four stages. Our famous four steps. Four phases that bring you together with all your customers and also help you comply with Regulation 1169.

Only 4 steps?

Are you an online retailer selling foodstuffs?

EdicomDATA is specially designed for online stores to comply with Regulation 1169.


Meet the standard in only 4 steps!!


Technology platform developed by EDICOM, specially designed for synchronization of nutritional information between retailers and suppliers, to be made available in any online store, as stipulated by European Regulation 1169.

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regulation 1169

14/12/2014 – Deadline date

EU Regulation 1169/2011 specifies the obligation to make all nutritional information available to consumers prior to purchase of the product. This means that all on-line stores selling food must adapt their offer to ensure access to these data. The effective deadline for compliance with these regulations is December 14, 2014.


Affected by Regulation 1169? Contact us. We study your particular case and propose a solution tailored to your needs